Have you been pregnant before? How would you like to eliminate the excess fat left from your last pregnancy? Excess weight gain can lead to double the number of fat cells you had before. For women who get pregnant, the number of cells will only remain the cell if they don’t gain an excess amount of weight. After pregnancy, the weight stays there, and it may become difficult for some women to lose it. A good way to lose weight after pregnancy is by maintaining a healthy diet and staying physically active. Other women don’t always lose weight as fast as others by practicing these habits. However, there are ways that will safely eliminate the fat cells promoting weight loss. Losing weight will not only make you look better but feel much better. The safe way to eliminate the majority of your belly pouch is our CoolSculpting procedure. This C-Section Belly Pouch Removal treatment will return you to the look you’ve been searching for!


While you wouldn’t trade your precious child for the world, you can still dream about getting your pre-baby body back.  Luckily, that is possible.  


Many women see their skin bounce back after pregnancy, but still notice some extra baby-fat that won’t go away.  Even working out regularly and eating a healthy diet make little change.  If doing crunches and going for runs isn’t banishing the post-pregnancy fat, a treatment such as CoolSculpting will.


Complete Eliminate Fat Cells


This CoolSculpting treatment works to break down the cells by freezing them. They are eliminated which prevents the enlargement that will later cause weight gain. Once you get the CoolSculpting procedure, you will not have to worry about your belly’s fat cells increasing in size. If you’ve been pregnant before, this C-Section Belly Pouch Removal will work great for you! This procedure doesn’t affect your future pregnancies, but it’s not convenient to get it done during your pregnancy. Finally, eliminate that sagging skin that is left after your pregnancy with our latest trend of technology known as CoolSculpting.


CoolSculpting Before/After Pregnancy


What happens if a woman chooses to get coolsculpting before pregnancy? As long as you maintain a healthy weight during your pregnancy, the fat cells will not multiply. Your belly size will increase as the baby grows but not the fat cells. Once the fat cells are eliminated through our CoolSculpting, the results will be effective and long-lasting. 


CoolSculpting can be ideal for mothers who have just a small amount of unwanted fat in the stomach area. The treatment focuses on one location at a time, allowing you to target just your abdomen.  One session can remove up to 20% of the fatty tissue in a single treatment.


A session of CoolSculpting typically takes an hour and doesn’t involve much downtime.  You can have your CoolSculpting treatment in the early afternoon, then head over to the preschool to pick up your child immediately afterward.  CoolSculpting works by freezing fat cells in the target area.  The frigid temperature will destroy the fat cells, which are then naturally flushed out of your body over the next few months. 


One additional benefit of CoolSculpting, aside from the fabulous results and limited downtime, is that it can be repeated if needed.  Keep a good health and stay looking good with this amazing CoolSculpting treatment! 


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